ACTS Mission

To provide alternate and stimulating forms of education to children struggling with mainstream education by fueling each child’s creativity, individuality and talents. 

At Rondevlei Learning Centre we focus on basic language, reading and arithmetic skills and then further nurture the student with skills like computers and technology, food security and permaculture, cooking and nutrition. The approach with each child is holistic and counseling, spiritual guidance and life skills have as much importance as education.

Community Development Process


Through constant engagement with parents, family members, community leaders, medical practitioners etc., needs are identified and solutions sought with a focus on health, nutrition, safety and poverty alleviation.


Rondevlei Learning Centre creates a nurturing environment for children to develop themselves with dignity, respect for others, always acting in humility. ​The children are empowered to act in their community, through advocating for justice, community mobilisation and social entrepreneurship.